About Us

We are a group of concerned individuals that have seen the plight of our community. We have also seen the blight of structures throughout our city. The Campbell Friendship House is such a structure. We want to restore this structure to its previous usefulness, and create opportunities for the revitalization of lives throughout Northwest Indiana. We want this to be an example for our community - that determined, compassionate people can make a lasting difference.

Once A Heaven

It was such a well-known structure in the area, the Campbell Friendship House stood as a beacon of hope and an incubator of camaraderie for years. It has hosted innumerable basketball games, retail spaces, and even apartment units. Over the years, the Campbell Friendship House has transitioned through a few owners, and as a result of neglect and loss, has fallen into disrepair. With the help of this initiative, the Campbell Friendship House will have a second chance.

The Campbell Friendship House is much more than a historical structure, it is a long standing memory for the community and its visitors. With this renovation, the building has the opportunity to serve the community again in a multitude of ways, and build memories for the next generation.