Our Goal

The overall mission of this organization is to develop a Christian based ministry that provides services to residents of underserved urban and rural communities located in Northwest Indiana. Our primary focus is early childhood development, youth and adult empowerment, and senior citizen services.

  • Program Goal and Activities
    •   Early Childhood Development
      •     Parenting Classes
      •     Preschool Development
      •     Social and emotional skill development
      •     Language and literacy development
    •   Mentoring/ Coaching/ Counseling
      •     Marriage Counseling
      •     Addiction Counseling
      •     After school programs
      •     Career Readiness
    • Community Empowerment
      •     Job training
      •     GED classes
      •     Foreign language programs
      •     Entrepreneur courses
    •   Healthy Lifestyle Choices
      •     Fitness Activities
      •     Nutrition Sessions
      •     Health Wellness Fairs
      •     Weight Management
    •   Senior Citizen Empowerment
      •     Exercise
      •     Nutrition
      •     Mental Gymnastics
      •     Financial planning
      •     Transportation services
    •   Scholarship Fund

Our vision to be a haven and center of positive activities and programs that both challenge and improve quality of life. To make life long client relationships with wonderful memories that continue to inspire and be treasured. To build family and community ties by being the means to meet and help solve problems that commonly arise in urban environments.


  1. 1. Enlist partners to support plans
  2. 2. Develop mail list and regularly communicate progress to partners
  3. 3. Start Building restoration
  4. 4. Develop staff for programs
  5. 5. Bring community input as plans developed
  6. 6. Publicity Blitz in advance of opening
  7. 7. Opening Day Celebration